Jurors will earn Time Credits for the hours they contribute to the Citizens’ Jury. To register your interest in being a Juror please use the Get in Touch button, or email Katie –

Volunteer Listeners will earn Time Credits for the stories they collect.

Each Time Credit can then be exchanged for an hour of activity provided by one of the hundreds of corporate and community partners in Spice’s network, including the Wales Millennium Centre, Llanelli Scarlets, the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds and Ice Arena Wales.



Registering for Time Credits

Registering for Time Credits is very easy - clicking the button below will take you to Spice’s registration form where you can fill in a few contact details about yourself. This will register you with their network and closing the form will bring you back to this page.

When you join the Time Credit Network, Spice asks you for personal information to help run and evaluate it’s Time Credit service. They’ll explain a little bit more about this when you complete the Spice Membership form, but it’s good to know now that they will ask for your name, address, contact details and date of birth. They also ask for your consent to collect information on your health, income and race and ethnicity to help them learn who is using their services so they can improve them. You can choose how much or how little to share.



As part of the SenseMaker® process, at the end of collecting a story, we ask people to provide the final six digits of their mobile number, or, if they don’t have a mobile, their landline number - if you are happy to give this to Spice as well, the project will be able to use it to see how many stories you’ve collected and ensure you get the right number of Time Credits.

Measuring the Mountain will not be able to identify you from the last six digits of your phone number and any information you choose to provide Spice with will not be shared with us.

You do not need to provide your whole phone number, and if you would like to be volunteer Listener and you don’t have a phone number, or would prefer to not share the final six digits, please contact the project to chat about this. For more information about Time Credits please visit



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