Building a picture of social care experiences

Over 2018 the project will use SenseMaker® to collect 2000 stories from people across Wales and, through these, build a picture of how social care feels for the individuals involved in it. We want to hear from people all of ages, with all kinds of experiences - these could be good, bad, okay, they might be significant experiences, or quite small ones and they might be long stories, or short fragments. And we'd love to hear from carers as well as people who receive care.

The findings from the early story-gathering will inform a Citizens’ Jury to be held at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea between September 24th and 27th.  The Jury will examine a key issue and through examining evidence and questioning witnesses, they will reach conclusions and provide recommendations that they will present to Welsh Government.

All the project’s activity will contribute to Welsh Government’s 3-year evaluation of the Act, starting in autumn 2018.  And we will be sharing our progress and findings throughout the year.



We want to work with organisations that engage with people, and who could recruit and support Listeners to collect stories.  We'd like organisations to help spread the word about Measuring the Mountain, and to help us build a network of Listeners, so that as many people as possible are able to share their story.  If your organisation works with people, whatever their age, health, where they live or the type of work you do, we'd love to hear from you.  

Listeners can be paid staff or volunteers over the age of 16, ideally a mix of both, with time to collect stories until autumn 2018.   If your organisation has one or more Listeners who could collect a few stories, please get in touch.  We've provided a number of Resources to help you and your Listeners get involved.



Collecting a story takes around 30 minutes, depending on how much someone shares. This can be done most easily on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop - paper copies are also available. If an alternative format would be more suitable for your organisation or Listeners please contact Katie.

The stories you collect will provide data that we will share with Welsh Government, social care professionals and the organisations and people that were involved in the project.  This information will help shape the future of social care delivery and can be used by organisations to inform project and service design.

Your involvement will ensure that the voices of people you support, work, and engage with, contribute to the picture of social care in Wales.  Those voices will inform the debate around the future delivery of social care, and the ongoing implementation of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014.

To get your organisation involved please submit an Expression of Interest form


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